Jan. 20th 2018

*Details TBA*

~Archive 2017~


by Cara Jane Murray

Join with us in Sitka in partnership with the Women’s March on Washington, and other marches across the WORLD on Saturday. January 21, in solidarity with other people standing for equality, tolerance, freedom of religion, respect for Mother Earth and our rights for our quality of life.
Women, men, children, and well-behaved dogs all welcome. Signs welcome (no profanity).

We will march down Lincoln Street from Crescent Harbor shelter to St. Michael’s Cathedral, back past Crescent Harbor shelter to St. Peter’s See House on Lincoln Street. Refreshments to follow at St. Peter’s See House. (Pot-luck cancelled.)

Information will be provided on how to step-up your involvement with local, national and international groups working on these same issues.

Sign up on the Facebook Page to stay informed of the details! Hope to see you there.